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comparative morphology,
mechanics & materials
Department of Infectious Diseases & Public Health,
City University of Hong Kong


Our workgroup is based in the Department of Infectious Diseases & Public Health @ City University of Hong Kong, with collaborations and students the Department of Biomaterials, 

Max Planck Institute of Colloids & Interfaces in Potsdam, Germany

(especially with Shahrouz Amini's group

...through an HFSP-funded collaboration with Jeremy Goldbogen (Stanford), Sabine Hauert (Bristol), and Sean Hanna (UCL)

...and in the Matters of Activity Research Excellence Cluster,

(with John Nyakatura's Lab at the HU)

We have ongoing projects with a variety of regular collaborators, at the University of Montpellier, Zuse Institute for Information Technology in Berlin, the Wyss Institute for Bioinspired Design at Harvard,  and other institutions

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Mason Dean

Group Leader | ResearchGate


Viktoriia Kamska

Post-doctoral researcher

Anatomy and functional morphology of shark and ray skin | ResearchGate | LinkedIn | Personal website


Kanmani Chandra Rajan

Post-doctoral researcher

Shark fin biomaterials | ResearchGate


Mike Schindler

Ph.D. student

Anatomy and functional morphology of shark feeding


Benjamin Flaum

Ph.D. student

Comparative cartilage biology and mechanics


María José Robles Malagamba 

Ph.D. student

Ultrasonographic assessment of cetacean mammary glands / ResearchGate


Jana Ciecierska-Holmes

studentische Hilfskraft / Undergraduate researcher (w/ Nyakatura Lab)

Geometric analyses of biological tessellations


Deidra Wirakusumah

Research Assistant (w/ Benoit Guénard + HK Biodiversity Museum)

Virtual approaches in Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum specimen collections



Mélanie Debiais-Thibaud

Université de Montpellier


Amar Surapaneni


Júlia Chaumel

Harvard University


Daniel Baum

ZIB - Visual Data Analysis



Shahrouz Amini

Max Planck Inst. (MPIKG)



Michael Blumer

Medizinische Universität Innsbruck

[Lab & project alumni]

Binru Yang MPIKG/TU Berlin PhD, Mechanical and structural analyses of tessellations

Amar Surapaneni CityU Post Doc, Micromorphology, mechanics & sustainable biomimetics

Chloe Hatten CityU Post Doc, Conservation morphology of illegally traded wildlife 

Yen Png CityU Bachelor's Final Year ProjectFeeding behavior of basking sharks

lia Chaumel MPIKG PhD, Chondrocyte structure & function in tessellated cartilage

Chuang Liu MPIKG Post Doc, Structural and materials characterization of bone growth plates

Aravind Jayasankar MPIKG PhD, Analytical & Finite Element modeling of bio-inspired tessellations

Ronald Seidel MPIKG Post Doc, Ultrastructure, development & mechanics of chimaera teeth

Ronald Seidel MPIKG PhD, Ultrastructure, development & mechanics of tessellated cartilage

Mohammad Tadayon MPIKG w.M., Structure-function relationships in stingray tissues

Charlotte Viets MPIKG s.H., Structure-function relationships in stingray skeletons

Jensina Froland MPIKG s.H., 3D printing & mechanical testing of intertesseral joints

Jacob Naumann MPIKG s.H., Parametric modeling & mechanical testing of 3D-printed tilings

Ronald Seidel MPIKG w.M., Evolutionary morphology of the head skeleton of batoid fishes

Allison Luger MPIKG w.M., Lamniform shark jaw morphology & mechanics

Merlind Schotte ZIB Bachelor's thesis, Lamniform shark jaw morphology & mechanics

David Knötel ZIB MSc thesis, Semi-automatic segmentation of tessellated cartilage

Rishabh Shrivastava MPIKG w.M., Topology of tesserae lacuno-canalicular networks

Anne Kaulfuss MPIKG w.M., Ultrastructure & mineralization of tessellated cartilage

w.M. = wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter / Research Assistant; s.H. = studentische Hilfskraft / Student Assistant

our WORK

We investigate principles of organization and performance in animal musculoskeletal systems —particularly in fishes— to address questions relevant to ecology, evolution, physiology and behavior, also incorporating engineering and physical science perspectives to inform biomaterials and translational science. 


Mouse-over images below to learn more about the techniques we use

[Please ask me before using any of these images.]

our WORK


See ResearchGate, Web of Science, or CityU Scholars (embedded below) for publication list and PDFs



Mason Dean

Department of Infectious Diseases & Public Health

5/F, Block 1, To Yuen Building
31 To Yuen Street
City University of Hong Kong
Kowloon, Hong Kong


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